Rock Tombs

There is a necropolis area consisting of different types of graves outside the settlement area and 3 types of tombs have been identified in general in this necropolis area. These are vaulted tombs and rock tombs carved in the form of sarcophagi. Two vaulted tombs have been identified until now in the studies carried out in the necropolis area. The first of these tombs is located in the western part of the southern tower, close to the city walls while the other is the one-space grave located on the other high hill in the south of the settlement.  Two graves outside the settlement carved into the bedrock 88 m. in the south of the southern tower are completely unearthed with the works carried out. The ceiling, on which no works have been carried out yet, has collapsed and other destroyed rock tombs are located on the other high hill in the south of the settlement. The tombs in general have a stepped entrance and open directly into the burial chamber. The burial chamber extends in the northeast-southwest direction. Three klines have been made to place the deceased persons in all three directions outside the entrance, but the pillow on which the heads are placed have not been made. It can be asserted that the unearthed tombs have directional unity and it is noteworthy that uniformity has been observed in the numbers of the steps in both graves. All the graves in which no findings were obtained in the excavations have been robbed both in the antique period and in our day and subsequently demolished by using them as an animal shelter and the tombs have been merged after the intermediate wall has been removed. There are five tombs carved in the form of sarcophagi into the bedrock extending in the 4.5 m. north-southeast direction, unlike direction of the rock tombs, at the north-western side of the rock tombs. The sarcophagus lids of the tombs have not reached until our day. The grooves around the tombs are noteworthy and this structuring has been constructed to throw out the rain water coming from the hill without getting into the grave. All of the graves were cleaned and unearthed thanks to the works carried out.

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