There are public buildings located in the southern part of the settlement which is the higher part of the settlement. One of the most well-preserved public buildings in the city is the church with four spaces in the east-west direction. There is a church built in the 6th century AD at the highest point of the settlement to which it is entered from the courtyard in the south, and there is a baptistery pool inside the structure. A bronze bucket found in Zerzevan Castle is currently exhibited in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. The bucket on which “ΥΠΈΡ ΕΥΧΉC ΚΑΙ CΩΤΗΡIΑC ΑΝΤΙΠAΤΡΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΠΑΝΤOC ΤΟY ΟIΚΟΥ ΑYΤΟY ΚY­ΡΙΟC ΦΥΛAΞΙ CΑΙ (For acceptance of the wish -or offering- of Antipatros and his family and for their salvation. God bless you)” is written in Ancient Greek and which belongs to the church is from the 6th century.

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