Southeastern Anatolia, which forms the extreme border of the Roman Empire, has been transformed into a geography where great struggles between the two great powers of the time, Rome and Parthians/Sassanids, have been maintained throughout history from the perspective of economic, political and military strategy. The research that began at Zerzevan Castle, the military settlement of Rome, plays a very important role in understanding the Roman period of the region. Zerzevan Castle military settlement located 13 km from the Çınar district of Diyarbakır province within the Demirölçek Village has a very significant role in terms of shedding light to Roman period of the region. The military settlement has been built on a rocky hill at the height of 124 m.  The remains and city walls of the settlement area, spread over a large area on the surface with an area of approximately 60 acres, as well as the necropolis located outside remains and city walls can easily be seen.

The first excavation and restoration studies at Zerzevan Castle, which began in 2014, are still being carried out with the permissions of Ministry of Culture and Tourism and under the chairmanship of Diyarbakır Museum by Yrd. Doç. Dr. Aytaç COŞKUN as the scientific consultant, with support Governorship of Diyarbakır, Governorship of Çınar District, Dicle University.

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